What We Do

AcroKidz is a full-sized school bus converted into a safe and fun gymnasium. Our bus is padded and filled with fun equipment specifically designed for children ages 2 - 7.

Whether it is traveling to schools, daycares or special events, the AcroKidz has a philosophy of utilizing a hands-on approach to making fitness fun and exciting for children. The goal of the AcroKidz is to develop basic motor skills, enhance kinesthetic awareness, improve fitness & activity levels, build self-esteem and confidence, encourage active participation for all, reinforce attentiveness and turn-taking skills, increase balance, coordination and agility, develop skills to enhance other sports, facilitate development of a lifelong love of activity and fitness. This unique approach includes an exciting design of a safe, colorful fitness focused environment where our staff are always on board and the bus never moves with children on it.


Kip Bar

Mini Parallel Bars

Wedge Mat


Octagon Mat

Climbing Rope

Rock Wall

Bean Bag Toss

Hula Hoops



Balance Pods

Spring Board

Musical Instruments

Therapy Hammock

*Equipment is changed out and reset on a weekly basis. 

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The Owner

Marissa Elmore, known to the children as "Ms. Marissa", has been teaching and working with children for 15 years. She has a BS in Early Childhood Education from California University of Pennsylvania and has dedicated her life to educating children. Marissa has worked with ages 4 months through 18 years old, teaching elementary school, kindergarten, tutoring high school and elementary ages and managing and teaching in a gymnastics program. In 2016, Marissa created the AcroKidz, a gym on wheels for pre-school age children. Marissa spends her free time practicing acro yoga, running in OCRs and working out. 

What People are Saying:


The Fit Fun bus was a blast at the PWC Touch a Truck event! They were so super friendly and encouraged our little guy to tumble, bounce, and slide his way through the bus! What a great time!!
September 25, 2016


Holy cow this bus was worth every penny! The team too was also fantastic with the kids and so patient! Please book with them asap!

September 18, 2016


It was wonderful. The kids enjoyed the 'Bus' tremendously. They are professional and responsive. Also, when you book and need party favors, let them do it.

Book now because I am telling everyone I know so she will book up soon.

August 15, 2016 

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